Hvad siger mentorerne?

Rolf Andersen, Niras, mentor siden 2014
” Mentorarbejdet er vigtigt for at integrere de internationale studerende. Jeg giver de studerende et skub i den rigtige retning. Ved at trække på egne erfaringer, hjælper jeg mine mentees med alt fra at udarbejde et godt CV, jobansøgninger og indmelde sig i en lokal sportsklub til at give gode råd før en jobsamtale”  se artikel i Frederiksborg Amtsavis her.

Francisco Lauritio, former mentee in GCCP - now a mentor:
" Thanks to all the inputs that I got from participating in the program I found a job before I defended my MSc. Thesis in the Danish Hydraulic Institute which is the main company for hydraulic engineers.
I only have good things to say about the program starting on how to write applications until using LinkedIn as a networking tool. All workshops helped a lot in the process and my relationship with my mentor have evolved into a nice friendly one."

Arkadiusz, mentee in 2018:
" Everything worked better than I ever expected and now I feel like an expert in a job hunting process in Denmark, with 7 applications -> 3 interviews -> 2 job offers.
Helge was a really inspiring person and he showed me another approach to my problems. It was a huge and a very positive surprise. "